Business management system

Key Modules And Features.

  • Project Management

    This module has unlimited capabilities which include: Make a team and assign roles, assign tasks ,mark your milestones, Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping. invoice projects partially or fully, generate reports and many more.

  • Customer Relations System (CRM)

    This module boosts interaction with current and potential customers. The company is able to manage data of the customers and this helps to improve business relationships with the customers and in the long run customer retention is achieved and sales increase.

  • Online Payment Module

    Online payments via invoice: Linked to each invoice document is a digital hyperlink to make online payments regardless of where you are.

  • Automated Backups

    Loss of data is a main concern in any organization. The Bizit Back-up Manager does automatic, scheduled thus ensuring no data is lost.

  • Client Portal

    The client portal helps involve clients by accessing the system to check on their invoices, proposals, quotations, project progress, support tickets etc.

  • Embed Forms

    It has the capability of data collection forms which can be embedded in other websites.

  • Online Survey

    You can conduct an online survey regarding your business so as to gauge the market.

  • User Management

    The system is web-based and is accessible from any device like Desktop/Laptop (Win/Mac) &Android Phones as long as you have internet. The business owner can keep track of what is happening even at the comfort of their home.

  • Accounting

    This is a third-party service that can be integrated with either QuickBooks or Xero. The client needs to have an online account with either Xero or QuickBooks to be able to benefit from this service.

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