Key Modules And Features.

  • Product Management

    This allows you to manage your products, categories, brands, add new products and input new stock for products, stock levels, generate barcodes, allows you to do stock transfers and stock adjustments.

  • Sales and POS Terminal Management

    This module allows you to make sales. You can make quotations which you can convert to an actual sale. At the point the customer pays, the system automatically generates a receipt which you can print and issue.

  • Contact Management

    This helps you keep a record of all your customers' and suppliers’ mandatory details which comes as handy when you want to communicate with them.

  • Expense Management

    You can group expenses into different categories and be able to keep track of how much money you’re spending in the running of the business.

  • E-Commerce (Woocommerce) Module

    This module allows for management of website orders directly within Vendy.

  • Manufacturing/Production Module

    Creation of recipes, management of ingredients, provision for wastage, production, expected quantity, calculation of production cost and output for selling on POS.

  • Communication (Bulk SMSs & Emails) Integration

    The business can send out information regarding transactions, for example when a new sale is made, when a payment is received and also payment reminders.

  • Online Accounting System Integration

    We can integrate with Xero, QuickBooks online or another online accounting system with an open API as per the client’s request.

  • M-Pesa Integration

    The system saves time for the cashier by automatically posting payment whenever a payment is made via M-pesa and issues receipts automatically via email or SMS.

  • User Management

    Create users, create roles, assign roles, and manage your sales commissions’ agents.

  • Accessibility

    The system is cloud-based and is accessible from any device like Desktop/Laptop (Win/Mac) &Android Phones as long as you have internet. The business owner can keep track of what is happening even at the comfort of their home.

  • Reports

    The system generates comprehensive reports for you which help you make informed decisions concerning your business. They include: Profit and loss report. Supplier and customer report, Tax report, Expense report. Purchase and Sale report. Stock reports. Trending products report. Sales representative reports, and Cash register reports among others.

  • CRM Module

    The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module helps in management of leads and helps convert them to customers while tracking all this.

  • HRM Module

    The HRM (Human Resources Management) module helps in management of staff, allowances, deductions, payroll, clock-in and clock-out, shifts management etc.

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