Key Modules And Features.

  • Doctor Management

    List of doctors with their details and treatment history

  • Patient management

    It is used to control patient flow. It can be used to register them, get the data of the patients’ health condition, view the treatment and check the medical history and reports.

  • Appointment Management

    This helps you keep a record of all your customers' and suppliers’ mandatory details which comes as handy when you want to communicate with them.

  • Schedule Management

    Used by doctors to add appointments, appointments duration for each patient and one can add holidays or vacation days.

  • Staff Management

    Staff management module provides the human resources administration. It updates the job description of employees, updates the hospital structure, tracks the recruiting records.

  • Website Management

    The system is connected with the hospital system that help edit the site and also acts an appointment portal for the patients. All appointments made via the website are automatically registered in the system.

  • Bed Management

    Assigning beds and adding bed categories can be done in the system

  • Department Management

    The system enables you to add different departments which helps in staff management

  • Payroll Module

    Manages your staff payrolls and salaries

  • M-Pesa Integration

    The system saves time for the cashier by automatically posting payment whenever a payment is made via M-pesa and issues receipts automatically via email or SMS.

  • Financial Activities

    Accounting module organizes the financial affairs of both customers and the medical institution. It stores and presents all the patient payment details, hospital financial records on expenses and overall profit.

  • Prescription

    This includes all prescription done by the doctors with details like: the id, date, doctor's name, patient name, medicine name and options

  • Lab Test

    Lab management module shows the test results of the particular patient. The lab data can be viewed by the staff and generated for the patients’ reports.

  • Medicine Module

    Medicine management module contains the list of drugs that usually used for the specific treatment. It keeps records of every patient’ drugs used during their treatment. Medicine can also be put in different categories

  • Pharmacy Module

    This helps keep records of hospitals stock medicines and status, manages medicine and watch patients' prescriptions

  • Donor Management

    This manages the hospital blood bank and donors' information.

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