Engage with customers, personalize experiences and build a strong market advantage in the digital age with a scalable digital transformation services.
Digital Transformation Service

Being visible in the internet is critical. Tazamali can help you search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and digital marketing to help you deliver personalized services to your customer. Self-learning AI streamlines the identification of intelligent insight from customer data and statistically generated algorithms to help predict the future.

Business Technology Consulting

We help you identify and and validate new expansion opportunities for your business. By analyzing your current state technology and desired business outcomes, we help you design your technology adoption roadmap with clear milestones. This accelerates your technology adoption and improves your application development efficiency.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

We understand that navigating through the various options and facilities of cloud could become complicated and time consuming which would lead to frustration and failure to derive optimum results. Our expertise in cloud-based technology will help your business exploit the cloud to its fullest potential, thereby maximizing your advantages.

Consumer Engagement Strategies

An engage customer quickens your sales cycle. Our marketing experience coupled with our technology proficiency helps your create strategies that are effective to boost sales and gain the market advantage.

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