Enterprise Mobility Solutions That Move With Your Speed

Tazamali helps your business to take advantage of leading mobile technologies. We build mobility solutions with role based interfaces using scalable and secure technologies that can be integrated with backend business logic and data services. Our technology capability allows us to bolster your application with AI and other cognitive services.

Our Expertise In Mobile Technologies.

A wide range of mobile technologies to strengthen your overall business management.

Keeping abreast of the latest trends and developments in mobile technologies to deliver value to our customers.

Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Using React Native framework, we can help you develop robust cross-platform mobile applications that facilitate efficient code sharing across iOS, web and Android without compromising the application’s and quality and end-user experience.

Hybrid Applications

We are a full service cross platform flutter development company. Building both iOS and Android applications which help our customers to deliver unique user experiences.

Device Compatibility

We ensure all the application we develop are compatible with the devise types used by your customers. iOS applications are tested on the iOS and iPad devices and Android application on Android devises to ensure compatibility.

Mobile OS Version Supported

All the iOS applications that we develop function well across the mobile operating system version from 12.0 to 13.3. All the applications that we develop are supported to version 7.0 to the latest 10.0

Database/Local Storage

Depending on the requirements of the application, we use any of the following database/ local storage/ abstraction layers – Hive, SQLite, JSON, XML, ROOM, Coredata, p-list and  Realm database